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Modified - 6 April 2011

Race Report

Wednesday 6th April saw WHO Racing’s 2nd MOD class round of the year.

Attendance was down to 22 due to football, holidays and some preferring to stay outside for the warmer weather but for those 22 that raced it was another chance to take some points and edge that little bit higher up the championship board.

We had the appearance of Andy's new Mega G le mans car with altered gearing, John with his freshly built Martech Marchon and Robin with a fettled Life Like T. Will Baker having to switch to a Super G for the night as his SRT's needed a visit to the body shop after practice while his dad tried a Mega G 1.5 for the night.


Heat one saw Dave have a late start in white lane on the first race. Turned out race control had started the race without giving him enough warning! Dave made up for this on the other lanes though to get a total of 69.40 laps and be the highest scorer of the heat.

In heat two it was a battle between the adults with the Marchon and juniors with the Mega G's. Overall Andrew could only just keep his Marchon ahead of young Callum’s Mega G whilst John was able to set the Marchon standard with three terrific runs despite having a wobbly body (on the slot car that is).

Heat three saw George Barrow having a bit of bad time with his car and the track which affected his lap results drastically. Andy put in some consistent lap scores that would make any le mans team proud whilst Will was not far behind. Robin managed to take the heat though and smashed the evening lap record on Blue with his 35 laps in two minutes.

The fourth heat and all the racers were using a Tomy chassis of one type or another. Sophie struggled to keep her red GT40 on the track while Rick also had equal trouble on all the lanes until his run on blue. It was Gareth though using his beloved "The Beast" Super G that took the heat with his 71 laps.

Heat five was to fall into the hands of Darren McHarg who's run on white lane was the most impressive of the evening, 29 laps. Adam continues to drive well with the club cars whilst Owens wasn't very quick but he was just getting used to his newly acquired SRT.

The sixth heat was the final heat of the evening with Hannah, Ashley and Paul all in the mix. Hannah used her Marchon (it's the chassis of choice in team Rose) to put Paul just behind her. Ashley though had kept his concentration, making the best of white lane, which put him out front to win the heat.


The first final was the F Final which was populated by Owen and Sophie. After three long minutes of racing it was Owen that got the upper hand and took over a two lap lead to take the win. Well done Owen.

Into the E final and both the Wesley's came to the race podium followed by Rick and George. It was George that fell off the pace then Jack and then finally Rick so Mark Wesley took this race as his opportunity to shine and won the E Final.

Kevin had lane choice for the D final and took Blue lane. It was a good choice as it gave him the win with 32.85 laps. Hannah dropped back from Kevin by three laps and the Dales had a scrap between one another at the back with dad Paul coming out the victor in 3rd place.

For the C Final we saw Andrew take the win on the favoured blue lane, nicely done. Ashley was approximately four laps behind him but comfortable ahead of Callum and Adam to take 2rd place.

The B Final came into play and the field was dominated by Super G users. Tim Baker had an unfortunate moment when Yellow lanes power mysteriously disappeared? Unfortunately it could not be resolved during the race and Tim gracefully retired from the B final. Meanwhile Gareth took the win on blue with 39 laps and Will edged past Dave to take 2nd place.

The A Final rounded the night off with lane selection going to Robin, who took Blue. Off the line it was John, Andy and Darren that took off into the lead while Robin was a little late off the mark, but after some determination and pace Robin took the lead and won by 11 laps. The racing for 2nd place was a lot closer with Jon just getting his Ferrari past Andy's pretty Audi to take 2nd. Darren came in fourth but sure he'll have plenty more in the tank for the next round.

Will Baker was the proud owner of the juniors medal and adds it to his every growing collection of Who Racing awards while Robin took the win for Mod class which now places him 3rd in the Mod adult championship.

- Robin