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Controllers (or hand throttles) are what you use to regulate the amount of power going to your car - acting like an accelerator.

Worthing HO Racing tracks are also set up for applying 'brakes' to your car, so a controller that has a braking facility is a must.

Controllers either use a resistor or a transistor to regulate power - hence the terms 'resistor' or 'electronic' controller that you might hear or read.

Our club controllers are the Parma Economy 60 Ohm resistor controller. 'Economy' is a bit of a misnomer - this is a quality controller that will last for many years.

The 'Eco' controller will set you back around £25. More expensive controllers are available - the sky really is the limit. For HO, the benefits of spending more can be over-estimated. Plenty of winners at club and national level still use the trusty Parma.


Resistor controllers come in different resistor sizes. For HO, anything between 25 Ohms and 90 Ohms will work. However - depending on the car you are using - controllers at a low impedance value (25 Ohms, for example) might feel more like an on-off switch with top speed arriving shortly after you squeeze the trigger.

The right impedance or Ohm-rating is ultimately down to your car and your driving style and also the characteristics of the layout. Parma controllers come with 25, 35, 45, 60 and 90 Ohm impedance. DS controllers come in 25, 35, 45 and 55 Ohms and are very good alternatives to the Parma Ecos, for just £24 from Pendle Slot Racing.

To run stock or modified Tomy, Tyco or Life-Like cars we would recommend a controller between 35 and 60 Ohms. The Mega-G+ cars work best with controllers with higher Ohm-ratings.

Electronic controllers

Electronic controllers do not use the resistance method for power delivery, instead using a transistor in an electronic circuit to dispense the correct amount of voltage to your car. Improved car control and the ability to run a wide array of cars with the same controller are the main advantages of electronic slot car controllers. Prices range from £80 to £200 or more.

Truspeed is a recommended UK manufacturer of electronic controllers and you’ll see a few Truspeed MT1 and MT11 controllers at WHO racers.

Whatever controller you buy, you'll be fitting a standard UK slot car club plug on the end - this is the 3-pin 2 amp plug, with the brake wire connected to the top pin.

DiFalco Electronic

The all-important plug

The Parma Eco

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Truspeed MTII electronic controller