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Modified - 2 February 2011

Race Report

St Martyn's barn came alive once again this February as WHO Racing’s first 2011 Mod class round started with a bang. By 7pm we had an astonishing 30 people come through the doors wanting to race! After some decision making and Andy and me stepping out of the racing for the greater good we managed to get 28 racers on to the grid.

More and more racers in 2011 have now invested in there own cars for the new season so there was everything from SRT's and Life Like T's to MR1's and Super G's.

Who Racings new addition to the club was the introduction of the shop for all you HO slot racing needs. It was so popular that we are already restocking to keep up with demand! Remember that all the profits made by the Who Racing shop goes straight back into the clubs piggy bank.

The Heats:

Heat 1:

First heat of the night and Darren Mcharg dominated his group with his pink lexan SRT by getting an average of 16.7 laps per race. Jack Wesley was the top junior in this heat with 42.30 laps and Daniel unfortunately suffered some car trouble whilst on blue lane which held him back a bit.

Heat 2:

Straight into the second heat and we had the debut of new racers Gareth and Ben. Gareth's previous experiences of racing HO with his brother paid off as he smashed the 20 lap marker on both yellow and red to secure a place in an A Final. Zack Dales did well with his Tyco X2 Corvette and managed to fend off George and Ben.

Heat 3:

Jonah put in some consistent laps times with his Life Like T. He managed to use the straight line speed of the car to his advantage and come away with an overall 45.40 lap score. Paul followed very closely behind by about 1.5 laps whilst Callum did a fantastic run on Yellow but had a few crashes on the other lanes though out the heat.

Heat 4:

This heat fell into the hands of John Ferrigno who managed to score not two but three scores above 20 laps! Even his dropped score was just under the 20 lap marker. These lap scores pushed him firmly into the A final at the end of the night. The racing was a little closer between Stephen and Hannah, but Hannah's and her MR1 piped Stephen to the post for second place.

Heat 5:

Two of our talented juniors Will and Tyler stayed within blinking distance of one another during this heat. Will just about managed to keep a higher overall score and take the top spot and even managed to cross the finish line while carrying out a 360 degree skid! Newcomer Pete put in a good effort all evening and came in respectable 3rd place.

Heat 6:

The penultimate heat and Simon Coombe's was the happy victor. Simon was trying out a short wheel based Mega G for the first time and liked it so much that he snapped up the only one in the shop. James slipped in comfortably to second place after having a great run on yellow. Mark struggled on white with a few offs as did Ollie, but it was Mark who took the bronze.

Heat 7:

Last but not least our 7th heat of the evening which was comprised of just adults. Mark Boltwood and Mike Dadson opted for the club Super G's for the evening and kept on one another's tail through all four lanes at the back of pack. Dave Pritchard had a good run on Yellow but slipped a little on the remaining lanes. Andrew Rose was the man with MR1 power at his finger tips who took the heat 7 win despite his rear axle popping out during his run on Yellow lane.


G Final:

The G final was made up of just Sophie and Daniel as Neil and Ben Walker had to depart after the heats. Sophie managed to keep her cool on Red lane while Daniel had a few to many tumbles on Yellow lane. A very happy Sophie was our G final winner of the evening.

F Final:

This final was a close one with Mark Wesley, Ollie Parker and George Barrow all swapping places at various points during the race whilst Luke Harmer dropped back and played catch up. George was our winner though by just 20 track parts in it to win it. Well done George.

E Final:

E was for excellence in this final as Stephen McCann drove really well with his life like T to take the E final win from his closest rival, Jack Wesley. Mark Boltwood uncharacteristically slipped behind to 3rd and just beat Zack Dales who was racing his brightly coloured Tyco.

D Final:

After the start lights had disappeared Paul, Mike and Callum made up the close racing for the D final. All three took turns in switching over from 2nd, 3rd and 4th and battling it out for those vital points. In the end it was Hannah Rose who had whizzed off earlier on red lane avoiding all the traffic and taking the overall win.

C Final:

The C final was in town but Adam Watson wasn't? Adam had departed before the C final which left white lane empty and all the racing action down to the remaining three contenders. Jonah Coombe's edged towards the rear of the group during the heat and took 3rd place while Pete Fijalkowski stayed hot on the heels of James Boltwood until the latter parts of the race which left him in 2nd. James happily took the win and became our C final winner.

B Final:

Three seasoned 2010 racers and a man with racing in his blood got ready to race. Tyler was on white lane and couldn't quite get up to speed with the other races whilst Darren and Will were level pegging through the race until Will managed to take a few corner a little faster to pull out in front. Dave though was on a different planet as he stormed off into the lead racking up a lap approximately every 6 second and making him the B final winner. Good racing.

A Final:

Break out the trumpets, throw coloured paper in the air because it's A final time!!! Gradually through the race Simon had a couple of crashes and moved back into 4th place. Andrew Rose continued to use his trusty MR1 and made short work of the track by putting a 28.25 lap score on the board and taking 3rd overall. The best entertainment was when the titanic battle between John Ferrigno and Gareth broke out. Super G vs Super G with every corner and straight been taken at high speed. John found some extra gas in the tank and moved out ahead to take the glory of being the A final and overall Champion of the night.

Overall winners:

The junior medal went to the 2010 junior champion Will Baker, who adds it to his ever growing collection of slot car racing achievements, well done. He's not untouchable, but you've got to be good and race hard to beat him.

The adult medal was won by last years overall Who Racing Champion, John Ferrigno, who gratefully received his prize after all his hard racing. A lot of excitement in one night.

Remember everyone that it's early days yet and there's loads more points up for grabs in 2011 so the championship is still wide open.

Could you be the 2011 champion?

Keep Racing.

- Robin