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General rules

Race Format:

Doors open for practice at 6.30pm. Racers are randomly sorted into groups of four to race in their heats.

Heats begin between 6.55 and 7pm.

All racers complete four 2 minute heats, one heat in each lane. Full laps and part laps completed are recorded. The best 3 heat scores are added together and racers are sorted into finals, four racers in each final.

Finals take place over 2 or 3 minutes  - the duration decided by race control.  Lane choice is determined by qualifying order.  We run ‘step-up finals’ which means the winner of each final moves up to the empty lane in the next final.

The winner and the highest-finishing junior (under 16) receive medals.

Finishing position determines points awarded to the appropriate championships.  If a racer is unable to complete their heats or finals, their finishing position will be the last place of the final they have qualified for. To qualify for the finals, a racer must have run in at least one heat.

Club cars and controllers

Club cars are available at all our HO events. The car bodies are colour-coded and stay on their designated lanes throughout the evening. The club cars are Tomy Mega-G+ chassis with Nascar bodies for Nascar and WHO Mod events, Open-wheel bodies for Formula One events. The cars are eligible for Nascar Gen6 and WHO Tuners points.

Club controllers will be loaned one per person per event and will stay with the individual racer, not the lane. These controllers include DS, Parma and Ninco models - all fitted with a 2-Amp round pin plug.

Spare cars:

During a heat or final race, a spare car may be used only after a breakdown. The spare must be placed on the track *with care* and must be available for scrutineering by race control.

Car bodies:

Cars must not run without a body attached. If a body is detached in a crash, it must be replaced before the car is re-slotted. If a body is lost while the car is moving on the track (may happen with lexan bodies), the car may drive round to where the body was lost and the body must then be replaced. Any further laps completed without a body will be discounted from the race score.


Racers' cars may be scrutineered at any point during a race event to see they comply and are within the rules.

All scrutineering will be carried out by WHO Racing organisers and their decisions will be final.


Tyres may only be cleaned with tape or by washing in water.

No aerosol sprays - for example oils, lubricants or cleaners - to be used indoors. Use of lighter fuel or any form of flammable liquids is not allowed at the Barn.

The organisers reserve the right to request competitors to use less lubricants if they feel it interferes with others or the condition of the track.


Controllers must terminate with a 3-pin, 2 amp plugs, brake wire connected to the top pin. Our tracks are wired to the worldwide HO club standard, positive polarity with +ve left rail.

Controllers wired for +ve right rail should not be used without consultation with the manufacturer, in all events racers use such controllers entirely at their own risk and we accept no responsibility for any damaged caused.


Drivers are to make themselves available to marshal or run race control whenever requested to do so by the organisers. A chief marshal may be appointed for the evening to ensure racing is not held up by a lack of marshals around the track.

Marshals should stay at their positions during each pair of heats.

Marshals should follow the basic principle of replacing crashed cars in the correct lane without interfering with the other cars. Accuracy is more important than speed.

If another car is de-slotted by a marshal or crashed car, the 'innocent' car should always be re-slotted first.

Drivers should respect marshals at all times. Thanking a marshal is considered good racing etiquette at WHO Racing. Any verbal abuse of marshals will not be tolerated.