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Goodwood Revival Class

Our ‘bring-your-own’ class is non-mag racing based around recent Digital Plug Ready (DPR) Scalextric and Pioneer models of closed-wheel racing cars from the years 1950-1969, with a stretch to 1972 for the popular Trans-Am cars.

Non-DPR Scalextric cars, plus other manufacturers - such as Fly, Revell, Carrera and the fabulous George Turner kits (with the resin chassis provided) - are most welcome! Please let us know if you’d like to run these cars and we can advise how to make them WHO/digital legal.

All cars must be prepared within these guidelines:

Digital Chip: Unmodified Scalextric C8515 EasyFit Digital Plug or the C7005 or C7006 Retro-Fit Digital Chips for non-DPR cars.

Chassis: Stock plastic chassis with removal of material permitted to allow body-roll. A hole may be drilled to fit LED for digital chip. Ballast can be added.

Motor: Stock unmodified C8146 Scalextric Mabuchi can motor or a standard 18k motor for Pioneer and other cars.

Magnets: Any traction magnets must be removed.

Guide and braids: Stock guide as per chassis. SureChange guides are permitted. Any braids may be used.

Axles and wheels: Cars should run with the standard axles and wheels they come with. George Turner kits can use any make of axles, rims and tyres, but must use wheel inserts authentic to the car model.

Tyres: Any tyres can be used. They can be trued and glued to the wheels. We particularly like the Paul Gage range of tyres.

Gears: Cars should run with the gears they come with. George Turner kits can use any make of gears, but must be standard Scalextric gear ratio:

Sidewinder - 11T pinion & 36T spur gear.

Inline - 9T pinion & 27T crown gear.

Any questions - please ask!


The Goodwood Revival races are run for ten or twenty minutes with two drivers per car swapping over at the halfway point. Laps and parts of the next uncompleted lap are recorded for each car.

If there are more than six pairs, qualifying heats are run over six or ten minutes with drivers swapping half way through.  The six pairs with the best scores qualify for the feature race.

The pair winning the feature race receive a prize. Lap scores for both the qualifying race and main feature race count as points in the Goodwood Revival championship. Spare cars cannot be used once a race has begun. Drivers and cars changes are allowed between qualifying and the feature race. Points are only accrued for the races in which a driver is part of the pair.

In the event of two (or more) pairs completing the same number of laps (and parts), the winner is the car in front on the road or, if in separate heats, the tie-breaker is the fastest lap time.

WHO racers can get a discount on online orders of full-price cars, parts and accessories at Pendle Slot Racing - which is cool, because they’re one of the best and most helpful UK slot car retailers!

Just ask for details at a WHO event.

No discount at George Turner Models, but we regularly drool over these works of art and we definitely want to see more of George’s cars on the Goodwood Revival grid.

They come as resin kits without running gear, and require building and painting. Well worth the effort though!