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WHO/DIGITAL Scalextric Sport Digital Racing in Worthing

RCS64 Race Management

Digital slot car racing is a big move away from traditional slot car racing. It started 20 years ago with lane changing and the ability to run four or more cars on a two lane layout. Hooked up to a computer and a race management programme, digital systems can now simulate realistic fuel burn, tyre and brake wear, plus changeable grip in different weather conditions. Racers need to pit to ‘refuel’, change virtual tyres and even repair virtual damage.

RCS64 is the first digital race management system for Scalextric Sport Digital to offer digital racing clubs like ours the whole range of features listed above. We think RCS64 is a system that will take WHO/digital on an exciting journey with features that bring slot cars as close to real racing as possible.

Any complex system is going to take time to learn - for both drivers and those who are running race control. To help this process, we’ve created some pdf factsheets to read, download and print out. We’ll also have these at the Barn on WHO/digital race nights. The video shows the pit stop process in real time and slow motion.

As part of this transition to RCS64, we’ve upgraded the WHO/digital kit to allow the use of wireless controllers - the Truspeed SSD IV throttles. The club has purchased the wireless receiver and two throttles. A big thank you goes to the generous racers who have bought and loaned their own throttles for use at club nights so we are now 100% wireless and free to roam.

If you don’t click with RCS64 straight away, please don’t be shy to ask for tips and advice. It’s worth persevering and making the most of the practice sessions.

In the team and pairs races you always have a team mate who can talk you through the pit stop process and keep an eye on fuel levels, tyre wear and weather conditions and tell you when to pit. That sort of teamwork is crucial to get to Victory Lane.

It is possible to download a free trial version of RCS64 to have a closer look, if you want to. The RCS64 website is:

Factsheet 1 - Introduction to RCS64

Factsheet 2 - The RCS64 Race Screen

Factsheet 3 - Pit stops in RCS64

Factsheet 4 - Truspeed Wireless Controllers

Factsheet 5 - WHO/digital data for RCS64


RCS64 Factsheets

RCS64 Pitstop video