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Life Like T chassis

The Lifelike T chassis is currently the cheapest way to race in multiple classes as with a simple change of axle and body, your car can run (and be competitive) in WHO Mod and Tuners, Nascar and also at the Nationals in Closed Wheel and Nascar.

Here is what you will need to buy:

Lucky Bob, Bad L’s Hobby or the club shop are where you will find all of these things.  It will cost you around £30 to buy everything which is just £6 per class!

You can run this car with a lexan body (sticky pads will hold it to the chassis) in WHO Mod or with your Nascar or a different hard body in WHO Tuners and EAHORC Closed Wheel.

- Gareth Winslade

Life Like Nascar

Gareth’s Life Like on an EAHORC CW grid

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Life Like T with new rear axle and lexan body