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Mega-G Mod

I've used the short-wheelbase Mega-G chassis with upgraded N42 neo magnets. The front is fitted with a Wizzard Storm axle and wheel set and a Wizzard guide pin.

The lexan body is fitted via custom-made pin tubes that are drilled into the chassis. I’ve also added the stock Mega-G body clip as this makes the chassis more rigid and prevents the motor bushing popping out.

Class rules mean the motor mags, armature and brush tubes must be stock items. It'll be up against Life Like and Mattel cars running their stock 3 ohm arms, so I'll run the car in a 'low-downforce' magnet setting which increases the speed of the motor.

At the back are Wizzard narrow hubs with a .275" OD, fitted with 'B' compound Supertires cut to fit the narrow hubs.

The rear axle assembly is completed with a Wizzard Pro-Predator 20T crown gear. The gear is shaved on the back just a little so it fits in the chassis.

The pinion is a stock Storm gear.

- Andy Player

Andy’s Mega-G Mod on the track

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Mega-G Mod rear axle