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WHO Modified rules

Chassis must be one of the following: Tomy Turbo, Bulldog HO Racing, Tyco 440/440X2, Life-Like M & Rokar X, Marchon MR1, Tomy Mega-G, Tomy Mega-G+, Artin F, Autoworld Super III, Scalextric MR1/Micro, Tomy SRT, SCD SRT, Autoworld X-traction Ultra/G, Strombecker MR1, Tomy SG+, Tomy Takara Owner's, Life-Like T, Sun Fai JJ, Viper V1 medium stock chassis, JAG DR-1, JAG NC-2, JAG TR-3, JAG PR-5. The BSRT G3, G3R and G3RS chassis can be used, but only as a replacement for the Tomy SG+ chassis and must have standard SG+ motor components.

No part of the chassis may be cut, sanded, drilled, glued or otherwise interfered with unless it is for the purpose of fitting a body to the chassis or to access enclosed traction magnets. All general wear must be by natural means only. No part of the car can exceed 34mm in width and 17mm from centreline to sides.

Bodies must be closed-wheel, and based on a real car. Where wings were featured on the real car, they must be present. Racing stripes, race numbers and motorsport logos are encouraged. Windows should be clear or painted to contrast with body. Lexan and other lightweight bodies may run without front wheel cut-outs but the front wheels must be clearly visible though the front wheel wells. No body should be permanently glued to a chassis or any of its components.

Motors: Motor magnets must be stock items and in stock location. Viper V1 must run with Pro 4 / Evo 4 magnets. Magnets must not be shimmed or glued in place. Magnets may be marked to indicate polarity. Armatures must be stock and therefore not be 'worked up' in any way (examples: commutator tied-off, windings or epoxied, windings removed, commutator cut or diamond-trued, solder on tabs beyond factory-applied).  Armatures with balance marks or material removed from rotors by any means are not permitted.  Armature timing may not be altered, except via legal devices fitted as part of chassis. Armatures must be standard type and a minimum of 6 ohm with exception to the Life Like T, SCD SRT and the Tyco X2 chassis.  Mega-G+ must run with stock can motor, which may be glued to the rear bulkhead. Rolling-element bearings (ie with ball bearings) are not permitted in any motor or chassis.

Traction Magnets: Maximum of two traction magnets. Open choice on strength and material but must retain standard chassis position and size.

Guide: One guide device per car. Open choice.

Electrics: Any make of pick-up shoe and spring is permitted. Shunts are not permitted. Parts may be reshaped but no material may be added or removed.  For chassis with barrel brush systems, any make of brush and brush spring is permitted. Barrels must be stock and unaltered.  For chassis with endbell brush systems, in all chassis all parts must be stock, and unmodified. VSR Standard Endbell may be used in SG+ type chassis. Endbell tabs may be reshaped but no material removed or added.

Axles, Hubs & Tyres: Axles can any make, but must be metal and solid. Rear axle cannot be pinned. Original Tomy axle retainer may be used on Turbo and Super-G+ chassis only. Independent front ends are not permitted, with exception of the Life Like T stock front end. O-rings may be used as front tyres. Any type of plastic wheel/hub may be used but no sharp edges permitted. Tyres must be single compound and may be any colour. Tyres may be re-profiled.

Gears: Gear must be plastic. Any make, any ratio and may be altered in shape and glued in place.