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WHO racers on the road

WHO Racing won the EAHORC Club Challenge in 2012-13.

WHO racers have taken part in races, events and series across the UK since the club was formed in 2010.

Whether the AFX 6 hour race, the 24 hour HO Le Mans race in Derby or the HO Racing League (THORL) weekend series, WHO racers have plenty of fun and not a small amount of success.

On this page we look at some of the highlights and chart the WHO successes.

WHO racers' successes at EAHORC & THORL




Mike Dadson


EAHORC Cup: 2012-13; 13-14; 14-15

Open Wheel: 2014-15

OW Main Grade: 2011-12

Pro-Mod 2014-15

Nascar: 2013-14 & 2014-15

LMP1: 2012-13

Andy Player


Rookie of the Year 2009

OW Main Grade: 2010

Pro-Mod 2012-13

John Ferrigno


Rookie of the Year 2010

Gareth Winslade


Rookie of the Year 2010-11

Closed Wheel: 2013-14

Robin Cornwall


Simon Coombes


Andrew Rose


Callum Davidson


Bob Sargent


Rookie of the Year 2014-15

The WHO team took second place at the 2012 AFX 6 hour race at Pinewood Raceway

Mike’s EAHORC trophies 2012-13

HO-UK is a loose affiliation of like-minded club, independent and home racers, collectors and modellers.

Each of us does our own thing, but we come together under one banner to support each other in a friendly environment and to promote and enjoy the sport and hobby of HO slot car racing and collecting.

The WHO team were also runners-up in the 2014 AFX 6 hour race

WHO team achievements



November 2017

Third place AFX 6 hour race

July 2016

Winner AFX 6 hour race (Team Worthing-Derby)

July 2014

Runners-up AFX 6 hour race

July 2012

Runners-up AFX 6 hour race

June 2012

Winners EAHORC Club Challenge

WHO racers take part in the AFX 6 hour race in July as a club team and also as members of Écurie Anglaise at the HO Le Mans 24 hour race in Derby each November.

Bob Sargent won the John Brown Trophy in 2015 for the EAHORC Rookie of the Year.

Bob was the fourth WHO racer to win the trophy after Andy, John and Gareth.

Team Worthing-Derby won the 2016 Racemasters AFX 6 Hours