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Modified - 7 September 2011

Race Report

First Wednesday of the month and it can mean only one thing! That right race fans, it’s WHO Racing’s Mod class (round four) ready to rock and roll. With an attendance of 25 and Mike Dadsons new track extenders being used we had a busy night and a nice big track to boot

The first few rounds went well with John Ferrigno once again blowing the doors off the highest lap score of the night with his run on red, 30 laps in 2 minutes! Can anyone catch this man and his Marchon (Editors note: I know I can't).

Will remained consistence thought out his round but Matt Harvey managed to push that little bit harder and gained a higher lap total which placed him in the B final along side Callum.

Mike McCann was once again having some troubles keeping his pickup truck on the track. Maybe Father Christmas will bring him a lower-sleeker slot car body for 2012.

All was going well until a controller station fuse blew. Andy took over at race control while Robin darted about wildly trying to find the spare fuses. After Andy's clever jiggling of heats to keep the races going the fuses were found and we were back to racing.

Andy Player also managed to keep his lap scores consistent over all four lanes whilst new racer John Pickard was finding his feet in slot car racing with a life like T chassis during his heat.

The Finals

Mike McCann was the only person to qualify for the G final and decided to use the track time for a bit of fun as he ran round on his own. He came first.

The F final saw John Pickard surrounded on all lanes by three of our regular junior racers. Jonah was the overall victor though by a long stretch while the McCann brothers fought it out amongst one another and left John to take last place.

Into the E Final and regular A/B finalist Gareth found himself in an unfamiliar finals territory. Pushing that to one side he then put in a scorching performance with 29.45 laps. Rick put his boy to shame whilst Tim brought up the back of the pack.

Red was again the lane of choice for the D final as Stephen Pickard used it to take a win. Hannah and Mike meanwhile enjoyed a close race with one another with only 10 track parts in it while Ned Dadson followed his dad to the finish line to take last place.

The C final saw the likes of Will, Tyler, Robin and Ollie all together, well at the start at least! Ollie and Will took off early on with Ollie taking the win by just under a lap from Will. Tyler remained in the middle of the field during the heat while Robin had a dismal time and came in last.

B Final time and whilst Matt scored well in the heats he failed to keep up with the others in this race. Simon used his gutter lane well and managed to keep on the tail of Andrew for most of the race. Callum was our winner though who managed to push off into the front and take the chequered flag.

The A final was here and as always one to watch. The field had some of our most seasoned racers who always put on a good race. Dave Pritchard suffered one too many off (probably that corner near the track extender - it got the rest of us too) and dropped back drastically. Andy and Darren Mega G'd it out with Darren finally managing to beat Andy by one lap and a bit. John Ferrigno though was very calm and collected and brought his trusty car back to victory lane.

So we rounded the night out with Callum and John both picking up another piece of shiny WHO Racing metalware. Well done guys.

- Robin