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Super-G+ Nascar

The Tomy Super-G+ is a great car for our fast WHO Nascar ovals and is very competitive in the Tuners sub-class on WHO Mod nights. There are a few things I’ve done to get it really going well.

First was to replace the black traction mags that come with the current chassis with the stronger grey ‘two dot’ mags that came fitted to the original Super-G+ chassis. These do crop up in older chassis, but can be tricky to track down.

Then - at the front - I used BSRT 249 pick-up shoes and BSRT G3 spoked front wheels with ground-down stock tyres.

At the back, I replaced the stock wheels. I’ve used AJ’s double flanged hubs for .063” axles. Yellow or purple Quicker hubs are also good options. Silicone tyres to give a diameter of anything from .422” to .430” go well with this set-up.

Finally, the body is an important factor in getting the car going well. The Tomy Nascar bodies - the Ford Thunderbird and Chevy Monte Carlo - are okay, but the Johnny Lightning X-Traction Chevy Monte Carlo is a much better racing body as it is lighter and more compact.

The JL bodies are not easy to find, even in the States. JAG Hobbies is one place to look and Buds HO sometimes have them in stock. You can paint and re-livery the bodies and add some colour to the Nascar grid. Patto’s Place have decals for thousands of Nascar liveries to choose from.

- Andy Player

BSRT pick-ups

The original grey ‘two-dot’ magnets

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An all JL Super-G ‘A’ final in WHO Nascar