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Worthing HO Racing Constitution

Name of group

The name of this not-for-profit, voluntary organisation is Worthing HO Racing also known as WHO Racing.

Objectives of the group

We are slot car enthusiasts who organise an annual not-for-profit slot car race series in Worthing that members of the public can regularly attend, race in and enjoy. We aim to show that the hobby of slot car racing is interesting, challenging, competitive and - above all - inexpensive.

We aim to involve all ages and all sections of the community in Worthing and the surrounding area.

More information about HO slot cars, Scalextric digital and our race formats can be found on the WHO Racing web site: www.whoracing.org.uk


Entry into each event and to the annual championship is open to all ages and all members of the community.  A small race fee is required at each event to help cover costs.  We encourage racers to join our mailing list and follow the Worthing HO Racing Facebook page to receive news about WHO Racing activities.

Although we have a child protection policy, we ask that children of 13 years old and under are accompanied by a parent or another adult who is responsible for them and their behaviour.

Organising Team

WHO Racing events and day-to-day running tasks are organised by our Organising Team.  Current members of the WHO Racing Organising Team are:

Members of the Organising Team will be elected at our Annual General Meeting, by a majority of members voting in favour of election.  Organising Team members hold their post for one year, subject to annual re-election.

The Organising Team will meet at least once a year and will communicate regularly by email and telephone. Decisions will be made by consensus, with any disagreements referred to the Management Committee and/or AGM.

The Organising Team will communicate regularly with WHO Racing racers, passing on club news and canvassing views and feedback from racers.

All members of the Organising Team must understand and apply the WHO Racing Equality, Health & Safety and Child Protection policies.

Management Committee

The Management Committee oversees the long-term development of WHO Racing and consists of the Organising Team plus at least three co-opted members, currently John Ferrigno, Peter Burley and Matthew Eaton (2022-2025).

The Management committee is chosen at the WHO Racing Annual General Meeting.  Members will serve for periods of 3 years, subject to re-election at the end of each term.

The Management Committee will meet at least once a year and will be quorate if four or more members are in attendance.  If a quorum is not present, the meeting can not make any decisions on behalf of the group.

Decisions will be made by a majority of those present at committee meetings.

The meetings will be recorded in the form of minutes.

General Meetings

Annual General meetings shall be held in November, prior to the penultimate race event of the year.

The quorum will be set at a minimum of one third of the average attendance at race events for the previous year.  Notice of 28 days will be set to inform racers on the WHO Racing mailing list of the general meeting.


Financial accounts will be kept for all income and expenditure.  Group accounts will be available to all WHO racers on request.

The WHO Racing money will be kept in the bank account entitled 'Worthing HO Racing'.  Authorised signatories will be members of the Organising Team or Management Committee and any cheques or transfers will require authorisation by a minimum of two signatories.

Alterations To The Constitution

Not less than one half of the average attendance of racers must be present at a general meeting and in agreement for any change to be made to our constitution.


If the group stops operating, any assets and surplus funds will be donated to other UK HO racing clubs.

The group can only be dissolved as a result of decision made at a special general meeting, comprising of not less the one half of the average number of racers at the previous years' events.  28 days notice will be given in writing in order to call the meeting.

Written October 2009. Revised November 2019. Updated October 2023.