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WHO/DIGITAL Scalextric Sport Digital Racing in Worthing

2017 was the second full season of WHO/digital championship racing and there were some big developments…

During 2017, there were more events and more races. We replaced SSDC with RCS64 - a more complex and complete digital race management system. And we upgraded our digital kit with Truspeed wireless controllers.

Through the year we tweaked our Wednesday and Saturday formats and came up with a plan for a 2018 WHO/digital season that was announced in September and got our digital racers rather excited.

You can read about how the 2017 season progressed by clicking on the event links and championship tables to the right. Each event page has full results, a report, photos and links to more pictures and video of the racing.

Congratulations to all our 2017 race winners and champions. A very big thank you to all who helped organise and run our digital events and to everyone who came along and raced.

Round 8: Saturday 16 December 2017

Round 7: Wednesday 15 November 2017

Round 6: Saturday 23 September 2017

Round 5: Wednesday 19 July 2017

Round 4: Saturday 17 June 2017

Round 3: Wednesday 24 May 2017

Round 2: Wednesday 15 March 2017

Round 1: Wednesday 18 January 2017

2017 dates & reports 2017 championship tables

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