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WHO/DIGITAL Scalextric Sport Digital Racing in Worthing

WHO Racing has been hosting Scalextric Digital events at the Barn since January 2014.

We use the RCS64 digital race management system, which features realistic fuel consumption, tyre wear, pit stops and overtaking.

We use this amazing software to create a variety of different race formats - many of them based on real-world motor sport series and events. The learning curve can be steep, but is worth it.

To get a flavour of WHO/digital racing, we highly recommend attending one of our Nascar & Legends Wednesday evenings, before moving on to the other events.

Each year we produce a 22-page pdf guide to everything you need to know about our digital racing. You can download the current season’s guide from this page..

Doors open 6.30pm or 10am for Saturday events.

Evening races cost £3 for adults and £2 for under-16s.

For Saturday events, the entry fee is £6 adults and £4 under-16s for a full day’s racing.

All equipment is provided for the Nascar & Legends evenings.

Go on, you know you want to - give digital a go!

2023 Digital dates

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Worthing Digital Guide 2023 v1.pdf

- Click on the image to launch the pdf -

Wednesday 18 January: Nascar & Legends

Wednesday 15 February: Nascar & Legends

Wednesday 15 March: Nascar & Legends

Wednesday 19 April: Nascar & Legends

Wednesday 17 May: GT Championship

Saturday 24 June: GT Championship

Wednesday 19 July: GT Championship

Wednesday 16 August: GT Championship

Saturday 23 September: Goodwood Revival

Saturday 14 October: Birkett Relay

Saturday 18 November: Tin Top Saturday

Saturday 16 December: Tin Top Saturday