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The AFX Mega-G+ is the latest chassis from Tomy Racemasters and comes in all their sets and will be available in the UK from the autumn of 2016.

The Mega-G+ is a competitive car and perfect for beginners. It’s a good handling car, there’s not much to do to get it fast and it’s very easy to maintain. Even better, is that it can be used in all three of the WHO Racing classes with just a change of bodies.

If you are getting started at WHO, I’d recommend getting a Mega-G+ ‘Formula’ car to run in our F1 class. These come in sets and as single cars or as twin packs. Then you can add a separate Nascar body to run in both Nascar and WHO Mod races. The Nascar bodies can be bought separately, either painted or unpainted so you can choose your favourite real life Nascar livery!

Later on, you could use a tasty Le Mans Prototype for WHO Mod. The Mega-G+ is eligible for the WHO Tuners sub-class - not as fast as the Mod cars, but Tuners is always a competitive championship.

Once you have a car, I recommend the following simple things to get the car running nicely. We can always do these for you.

1. Run in the motor at 3V for an hour to seat the motor brushes. Take out the rear axle and attach two AA batteries (in a plastic battery box) to the shoes, the positive wire to the passenger (left) side shoe. This gives you a faster motor and one that will last longer.

2. Remove the front axle and add a skinny ‘front end’ to the car. We use either the Wizzard WS13B front axle or the Viper VSR009 O-ring front end. Both are available from the club shop.

3. Exchange the rear tyres for a pair of Super Tires silicone tyres. We use either the .426 or .430 sizes and the softer A compound.

Maintenance-wise, the car needs to be kept clean and running smoothly. First, clean the rear tyres before every race by rolling them on some masking tape. The 5cm wide tape is best. The pick-up shoes also need to be cleaned a couple of times during a race night. You can use either a pencil rubber or a fibre glass pen. The latter needs to be used with care.

The Mega-G+ gears run very smooth. It’s worth checking you have this smoothness after every race. Crashes might knock the body so it rubs on a tyre. Crashes can also knock the axle so is not completely in place. And when running the Nascar bodies, the back of the motor can ‘pop out’ of the chassis slightly. If everything is checked and straight, the rear gears need lubrication, but not very often. Just one drop once or twice during a race night.

There are full Tech pages looking at HO car maintenance and putting together a basic tool kit.

If any parts get lost or broken, they can be replaced. We stock rear axles, pinion gears, pick-up shoes, pick-up springs and guide pins in the club shop. Or you can invest in a Mega-G+ Pit Kit which contains all those parts.

- Andy Player

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Mega-G+ with Wizzard front end and silicone rear tyres