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Basic Mega-G tweaks

The Tomy AFX Mega-G was Tomy Racemaster’s standard chassis from 2008 to 2014, until it was replaced by the Mega-G+. There are still quite a few Mega-Gs around and it can be raced at the Barn in Formula One, Nascar, WHO Mod and WHO Tuners.

The Mega-G is both light and quick. There are two versions, each with a different wheel base.  As a mass-produced chassis, the Mega-G does not always come out of the packet in perfect racing condition and needs some tweaking.

There are a few basic things you can do to get your new Mega-G running nicely. And all you really need is a set of precision screwdrivers…

Pick-up shoes

With the Mega-G, getting the shoe to hook round the brush barrel is really important. Removing the the shoe and gently bending the hook over a shaft (for example, a small screwdriver) that is the same diameter (or slightly smaller) than the brush barrel is a top tip. Doing this, I've had no problems - until I have a big crash that bends a shoe. I keep spares…

Most HO chassis benefit from a slight ‘re-profiling’ of the pick-up shoes to get them sitting flat on the track. Run a marker pen along the shoes and see how the ink wears when you rub the car gently on some track. You should get an even line from front to back.

If the marker pen ink is worn only at the front then a very slight bend may improve the profile. Tweaking shoes is about trial and error - and practice - but will help improve performance and reliability.

Rear axle and gear mesh

Sometimes the rear axle and gearing is assembled less than perfectly - either too tight or too loose. A small screwdriver moves the gear boss to improve the mesh between crown gear and pinion.

Again, it is trial and error. You don’t want the mesh too tight, but the gears must be meshed at all times - otherwise teeth will wear.

With a small amount of work on these two areas, the chassis can be vastly improved.

For more tweaks, advice on maintenance and making modifications, see:

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Mega-G Mod

The club shop stocks Mega-G spares and hop-up parts, including the Wizzard WS13B front end - a cheap and worthwhile upgrade.

- Andy Player

Mega-Gs can run in F1, Nascar and WHO Mod

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Mega-G chassis showing components

Precision or watchmakers’ screwdrivers