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HO slot car racing is a hobby that is easy to get into and not very expensive.  When you first come to the Barn, there is just the race fee to pay.

We always provide good club cars to run, plus our club controllers. At our Micro Scalextric and WHO/digital events, everyone uses club cars and controllers.

Our three club classes - WHO Mod, Nascar and F1 - are when people run their own cars. Some have their own controllers too.

Running your own car means you get to learn the unique characteristics of the chassis and allows you to tune and maintain it, something that many people enjoy. And there’s only you to blame if you bash it up!

When you are ready to buy cars to race, you can expect help, advice and the offer to loan you cars to try out. WHO racers may offer to prepare your new car ready for action or sell you a race-ready car from their pit box.

The beauty of HO cars is that you can fix different bodies on one chassis. That means you could have one chassis and use a different body for each of our three classes.

One option one be to buy one of the new Tomy AFX Mega-G+ Formula One cars and add a Nascar body to your order. There’s a separate article about running the Mega-G+ at WHO.

Once you have a car, most people add a pair of silicone rear tyres and buy a few spare parts. All these are available from the club shop.

Some simple tools are important to maintain your car. You can then add other tools. There’s another article in this section about putting together a basic HO toolkit.

It’s nice to have a box to store and transport your cars, spares and tools. A small toolbox from the local pound shop is a good option. I also really like the small Raaco boxes and trays from Maplins.

Controllers can wait… But when you’re ready there’s an article on controllers in the Tech section, plus plenty of help and advice from WHO racers.

- Andy Player

Three cars for the three classes

Raaco box for F1 cars, tools and a cake

Getting Started in HO

Racing at the Barn