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WHO Tech

Racemasters AFX have produced some excellent ‘How To’ videos to help beginners set up their HO track and cars and help with general maintenance and trouble-shooting.

The AFX Technical section is here.

Videos include:

How to assemble a track

How to clean a track

How to clean pick-up shoes

How to clean a rear axle

How to clean the rear tyres

How to oil a car

This is where to come when you’re ready to get out your tools and make those cars go faster.

With articles on simple tune-ups, modifications and complete car builds, you should find something to keep you busy.

All the tutorials are aimed at the WHO classes, unless stated.

AFX Technical videos


Getting started in HO

Mega-G+ for WHO F1, Nascar and WHO Tuners

Viper V1 for WHO Mod (coming soon)

Basic Mega-G tweaks

The Mega-G magnet flip

Life Like T tips

Life Like Modified

Super-G+ Nascar

Mega-G Mod

Painting & fitting a lexan body

Maintenance, parts and tools

General tips for HO car maintenance

The basic HO tool kit

Tyres and wheels

Magnet matching and measuring

Ohming armatures

Gear ratios

Track, power and controllers

HO track systems

Upgrading power supplies

Timing systems


WHO driver stations

Articles with Hyperlinks are available - those without are being written. If you have any suggestions or would like to write a short article, do let us know.


There are also plenty of useful tech tips, questions and discussions over on SlotForum.

You’ll find stuff in the race threads on the WHO forum and over on the EAHORC and HO sections.